LM Guide Miniature Model SRS

  • SRS5M

    SRS5 is the smallest caged ball LM guide and its mounting dimensions are interchangeable with the conventional RSR5 model.

  • SRS5WM

    The RSR5WM SRS5WM is comparable in length with the SRS5, but has a wider width. RSR5W SRS5WM also features a higher load rating and higher permissible moment, and mounting dimensions are dimensionally interchangeable to the RSR5WM.

  • SRS-S

    Overall LM block length (L) is less than that of model SRS-M.

  • SRS5N

    Overall LM block length (L) is greater than for model SRS5M; load rating and permissible moment are higher as well. This model’s mounting dimensions make it compatible with the RSR5TN.

  • SRS5WN

    This model has a larger overall LM block length (L), width (W), rated load and permissible moment than model SRS5M. Mounting dimensions are interchangeable with RSR5WM.